Frequently Asked Questions


How is Shinrin-yoku different than going for a hike, or a nature walk, or just going outside?

There are many different ways to be in nature. A hike is an exhilarating test of our strength. A nature walk can bring new knowledge of the ecology into our minds. Even taking a casual walk outdoors is a great way to slip some small doses of nature into your day.

But none of these are Shinrin-yoku, which teaches us to become one with the forest and become more present in our daily lives. What separates Shinrin-yoku from these other ways of being outside is in the experience of the invitation.

Where are the trails?

The trails we use for Shinrin-yoku can be found in and around Johannesburg. Below you will find a list of the trail heads.

  • Johannesburg Botanical Gardens
  • Witwatersrand Botanical Gardens
  • National Botanical Gardens (Pretoria)
  • Other locations

Why do I need a guide?

These are some of the main functions of your guide:

  • Facilitate the sensory invitations and group discussions
  • Slow you down
  • Manage the timekeeping, so that you can relax completely

The objective is for you to learn the core skills so that you can continue with the practice on your own. However, many people find the role of a guide very valuable, especially during the beginning phases to truly appreciate the value of Shinrin-yoku and make it your own.