Book a Walk

Reasons to participate

  • You love the idea of full-on sensory immersion in nature and the opportunity to re-discover playfulness and joy.
  • You want to feel great, refreshed and invigorated.
  • You want to learn core techniques to re-ignite your love affair with the amazing, healing landscapes, habitats, forests, and waters of our beautiful world.

Types of Guided Walks

  • Once-off walk (R300 per person)
    An introduction to Shinrin-yoku.
  • 3 walks in 3 weeks (R600 per person)
    Like all forms of healing, the effects of Shinrin-yoku is cumulative and deepen with repetition. These walks will include suggested home-based nature connection activities and will give you the skills to continue Shinrin-yoku on your own.
  • Customized private walk (based on requirements and location)
    Whether it’s for a special occasion or an office team-building, Shinrin-yoku may be the best thing to share with others close to you. Connecting to nature allows us to be more present with each other and deepen our relationships.